Student Led Conferences

Parent-Teacher Interviews are coming October 23 & 24, you can book your own appointments online. Visit our school website and follow these instructions. 
  1. Click on the Parent Teacher Interviews link located under the Parents tab or Quicklinks section on the Homepage
  2. Next, register for an account. Be sure to fill in all the information. At the very bottom where it says "Tell us who you are" be sure to change that from Staff to Parent. 
  3. Now that you have registered an account, you can sign in.
  4. Once signed in, Click on the Interviews link.
  5. First, select the day you would like to schedule your interviews for.
  6. Next pick the first staff member you would like to schedule with
  7. View the available times, and click Book beside the one that suits your schedule best.
  8. You then have the option to make an appointment with another teacher or view the schedule that you have made for yourself. 
Come closer to the interview dates, the schedule you created will be emailed to you.